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Find out about the advantages of men's hair colouring
Find out about the advantages of men's hair colouring

Men: why go in for hair colouring?

That's right gentlemen, hair colouring is not only for women! Men are even increasingly going for coloured locks. Read on for good reasons why you too should give it a go.

To add style to your locks

Colouring can add a shine boost to your hair and it allows you to test out all the latest hair trends. It is ideal for adding an array of shades and contrast to your hair. It also showcases unstructured haircuts and all of the latest must-have hairstyles such as the man bun or the man braid. What if you don't want to dye your whole head of hair? Well, your hairdresser can simply colour your tips to add character to your haircut whilst keeping your natural colour. On long hair, you can even go for a subtle dip-dye effect.

To conceal grey hairs

What if you don't want to embrace your first grey hairs, or your salt and pepper locks? Once again, hair colouring can help. It will mask these signs of hair ageing and make you look younger in the blink of an eye. So choose a shade that is close to your original base colour for as natural a result as possible.

To restore depth to your hair...

Colouring is also ideal for concealing hair which is too fine or thinning, as it allows you make your hair look thicker by playing with your hair's varying shades. As a result your hair will appear much fuller! In addition, the hair fibre will be coated by a layer of colour which, when placed on the hair shaft, will increase its thickness. Consequently, your hair will seem like it has been padded out. To amplify the density effect created by colouring certain styling products will turn out to be on your side, such as Texture Powder from the Urban Style range. This texturizing powder adds body to the hair fibre as well as an on-trend matt finish.

... or to reduce the volume of your hairstyle

Colouring can create an illusion of fuller locks, but it can also be used to help those with hair that is too thick. When your locks are "weighing down" your face and are too dense, a few lighter highlights can add depth to your thick hair and subsequently lighten up your hairstyle. Of course, colouring must build on an appropriate haircut suited to your thick locks. Rest assured, there is a whole range of options!

Good to know: although there are many advantages to colouring your hair, you must also remember the importance of maintaining your colour with regular targeted treatments to keep hold of the benefits.


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