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Men: which coloring techniques mask gray hair?
Men: which coloring techniques mask gray hair?
Men: which coloring techniques mask gray hair?
Hair colouring

Men: which colouring techniques mask grey hair?


Help! Your first gray hairs have appeared a few weeks ago... What can you do to conceal them? Focus on the coloring techniques available which are also for men!

Which Jean Louis David technique should you choose?

It is indeed possible to conceal gray hair using temporary coloring. "In the Jean Louis David salons, we use Cover Five by L'Oréal. It's a product we apply to your hair for 5 minutes when shampooing, before rinsing. It is neutral, with no luminous shine and covers gray hair with transparency. The result is highly natural and the color fades with time. This technique is perfect if you wish to catch your first grey hairs, by concealing them and waiting until you're ready to go fully grey."

How do I get 100% coverage?

With over 50% coverage of gray hair, temporary coloring is much less effective, you could even say it is useless at concealing them. "If you wish to completely get rid of them, you must go for permanent coloring. However, this solution is still very rare for men. Generally, men tend to fully accept their gray hair. Also, permanent coloring results in the 'roots effect', which requires an inconvenient amount of upkeep. In fact, regrowth appears after 2-3 weeks and the result can quickly become unsightly."

Our advice

Accept your gray hair! It's a well-known fact, men with pepper and salt hair have incredible appeal. Dare to learn to love your gray hair!

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