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 Go in for a 70s cut: they're bang on trend!
Go in for a 70s cut: they're bang on trend!
Go in for a 70s cut: they're bang on trend!

Men's haircut trend: 3 ways to adopt the seventies style


Do you want to get a hairstyle that's vintage yet not outdated? Here are three haircuts to adopt the seventies style whilst staying bang on trend!

The mid-length bob

An emblematic haircut of the 1970s, with this look you can go for a relaxed style with hair slightly blow-dried to add movement, or natural (even wild) curls for a hippie feel. Whether you add a fringe or not is up to you, provided that you get your tips cut regularly so that they never skim your shoulders to avoid that (dated) hippie dude look.

XXL locks

Fortunately, long locks have come back in fashion! So now is the time to give in to their lure and leave your hair to grow out. However, whatever you do, avoid the unkempt look. Take care of your hair and get rid of any split ends to keep it in tip-top condition. As for styling, fully embrace your natural look for a total seventies look. Your hair can be also worn tied up into a bun for a hipster style. XXL hair is perfect for increasing your styling options!

A short cut with an elaborate front section

Is a vintage hairstyle with long hair not your thing? Don't worry, it is still possible to rock a 70's look with short hair. The detail which will push your haircut into the hippie years? An elaborate front section. That alone can put a twist on a preppy cut layered at the nape of the neck and sides. We prefer it thick and slightly wavy, but also worn to one side with a side parting. As a finishing touch, go for blow-dry styling to pump up the volume.

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