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If you really want long hair, here are 3 tips for great-looking locks.
If you really want long hair, here are 3 tips for great-looking locks.
If you really want long hair, here are 3 tips for great-looking locks.

3 tips for men who want to let their hair grow out


Do you want your hair to grow out but have a few worries, particularly concerning the in-between stage and the condition of your locks? Here are three tips for getting those long locks!

1. Use hair treatments regularly

Before, when you had short hair, you were happy to stick to the bare minimum when it came to hair treatments. But that was before you wanted long hair! Your hair has never needed regular treatments more than it does now, to keep it strong and looking good. This applies whether your hair is in the re-growth stage or at an in-between length. So you should adopt a new hair regime that promotes growth and strengthens your hair long term. Hydrating shampoo, fortifying treatments... And repair masks must all be used once a week as, don't forget, your current hair will be the ends of your future hairstyle!

2. Leave longer intervals between hairwashes

Say goodbye to always washing your hair as you shower! Overly frequent hairwashes can weaken your locks, damage your hair and even slow down its growth. Do not reach for the shampoo more than twice a week, unless you do sports between washes. Are you one of the die-hards who still uses soap to wash your hair? Sorry, but you are going to have to stop doing that once and for all.

3. Do not skip hairdresser's appointments!

Just because you are leaving your hair to grow out doesn't mean you should stay away from your hairdresser, quite the opposite! Of course you will have to leave longer intervals between trims to gain a few centimetres. But you should still get your ends trimmed regularly to freshen up your haircut. This will help prevent your hair from looking unkempt (thus helping you to style it better during the in-between period), and it will help keep your hair healthy. What's the ideal frequency for trims? Every 6 to 8 weeks if you have short hair and then every 12 weeks as soon as it gets a bit longer.

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