Men: 3 haircuts to wear with glasses

Gentlemen, glasses influence your style, and when you have to wear them every day, it’s well worth getting a haircut to suit them. Here are 3 hairstyle ideas which will suit your glasses to perfection.

The simple short cut to showcase your glasses

Do you like the look your glasses’ frames give you? Make this be known by opting for a short haircut to draw attention to them, even if they are subtle. Ask your hairdresser to layer the sides and nape of your neck, leaving it slightly longer on top. This simple and smart haircut is sure to showcase your glasses .

Advice from the professionals. If you have thick-rimmed glasses and facial hair, go for a 3-day beard as opposed to a full beard, as full facial hair may make your face look unbalanced.

The dandy hairstyle for a casual look

Another essential style: an unstructured haircut, layered with precision at the nape of the neck and on the sides with longer locks on top. With this volume on top, your glasses will stand out just as much as your hairstyle.

Advice from the professionals. Style your locks towards the back by running your hand through your hair with some styling wax. By doing this, your hairstyle will not have a stiff look and the hair will be kept out of your eyes, revealing your glasses. Alternatively, gather your locks at the front with a seemingly careless movement for a chic rock look, playing with your frames.

The asymmetric hipster-style haircut

Ultra on-trend, this “side cut” combines an extremely short haircut and long locks. With shaved sides, it leaves little hair visible apart from a large voluminous front section. This is tamed by a side part. The haircut’s asymmetry, often accessorised by a full beard, allows you to play with geek-chic or round frame styles.

Advice from the professionals. If you have square features, style your hair towards the back. This will keep the hair off your forehead and prevent the large front section from sweeping across your face like a smothering fringe.

Good to know: do you have long locks? Avoid wearing them down, as this can give you an unkempt look with glasses on the end of your nose. Opt instead for a man bun, for an on-trend style.

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