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Men: how to style your hair with glasses
Men: how to style your hair with glasses

Men: how to style your hair with glasses

Glasses are no longer there just to improve our sight. They are now a fashion accessory in their own right. Especially for men, seeing as glasses are the only accessory that allows them to change their face.
Glasses and beard. For men who wear glasses, we don't recommend a fringe AND a beard. Choose either or so you don't end up hiding your whole face! Unless of course you've gone for the 3-day beard. Glasses are there to enhance your face, not hide it! If you absolutely must have both, choose a pair of fine frames to keep things light on your face.
Frames and hairstyles. Men who choose to wear fairly original sunglasses, whether round or oversize, can do whatever they like. Original glasses tone down a look, which means pretty much any hairstyle will go. If you've chosen wide frames, go for a hairstyle with lots of volume on top to keep your look nice and light. If you've gone for fine, rectangular frames, avoid slicked-down or slicked-back styles to avoid looking too strict. Go for something with a bit less structure!
Glasses and hair colours. Choose frames that go well with your hair colour. If you have blond hair, go for light-coloured frames, otherwise you can choose frames in black or brown. However, fewer and fewer men tend to think about this factor. They prefer to choose glasses that match their style rather than their hair colour.
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