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The hipster beard is no longer as popular in 2016.
The hipster beard is no longer as popular in 2016.

Men: the hipster beard, is it still on trend in 2016?

A must-have look from previous seasons, the hipster beard no longer seems to be as essential as it once was. So gentlemen, how about opting for a shorter version?

The hipster beard, the IT-accessory for changing your look

The summer of 2016 will be beardless if the Spring-Summer fashion shows are anything to go by. We just need to look at the models and their closely shaven faces to confirm this. Is this the end of the hipster trend? At the end of 2015, we were already wondering about the future of the beard . A real must-have for several seasons, most people wanted one. As well as dressing your face, it adds character and personalises your style. The XXL version had the advantages of hiding any flaws whilst still having great sex appeal. Is your chin too dainty? Is your face too young looking? Combine it with a mid-length haircut or a gelled slicked back look and say hello to a complete transformation.

A 'follow the crowd' phenomenon which people could get bored of

With so many advantages, we ask ourselves is the hipster beard phenomenon really running out of steam and why. A victim of its own success (even models on TV adverts had one!), the hipster beard now has fewer fans: this is particularly the case in certain areas, such as Paris. The trend really took off. So much so that after a while, it became an IT-accessory: a distinctive way to perfect your look (often combined with a hat or large rimmed glasses). But also, a 'follow the crowd' phenomenon which people could get bored of, particularly those who had one before everyone else.

A beard requires regular upkeep

Having a beautiful beard is not just letting it grow. Once you've achieved a beautiful length, you must maintain it . Just like hair, it needs regular treatment such as thorough detangling. By styling it (with a hard bristle hairbrush), you will ensure your beard looks shinier and has a neater finish. Likewise for shampooing. To make the hair softer and to have a better finish, shampoo is not always enough. You must sometimes combine it with conditioner and a day cream. This regime can prove to be too restrictive for those who are always in a rush.

The solution? An evolution of this style towards something simpler. Half-way between the beardless trend and the hipster look, opt for the 3-day beard : perfect for a more refined looking face. The only restriction: you must trim it regularly to keep it looking modern and immaculate.

To go one step further, discover our advice on how to wear beards in our special article!


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