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Looking after Asian hair
Looking after Asian hair

Looking after Asian hair

Many people wish they had Asian hair: it's thick, mostly straight and naturally shiny. Find out how to keep it looking fabulous every day.
Asian hair is usually naturally black and women often turn to highlights to add light to their haircuts. "To do this, you need to go for lightening treatments. Lightening your hair slightly will leave you with hints of auburn or aubergine. Lightening it a little bit more will produce a gorgeous honey colour. However, taking it any further could damage your hair and leave it looking orange or bright yellow, which is probably not the colour you're after! Two or three shades lighter should be enough to give you some light hints to dark hair”
The choice of haircut depends on your taste and the effect you're after. So it's hard to generalise on what haircut to choose for Asian hair. "The haircut that we tend to picture on Asian hair is a structured bob. Thick, straight hair is perfect for this cut, but not everyone is after a short cut." If hair hasn't suffered damage due to colouring, then the choice of haircut is all yours. "With such healthy, thick hair, anything goes!".
Products don't exist for Asian hair itself as it all depends on the hair type. "Dry hair needs keratin while dull hair needs treatments to restore its shine. The treatment you require depends on your hair's condition, not your hair type.”
Our tip: If you have hair that's been damaged due to repeated colouring treatments, use regular treatments to leave your hair feeling softer and shinier. Use products for dry hair, such as shampoos and hydrating masks. Leave masks on for 10 minutes after each wash; their effects only last one wash.
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