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Do the celebs make you green with envy with their long, shiny locks? We hear you. But in real life, your hair isn’t miraculously perfect. Hair like this is no miracle. Long hair only stays luscious if it is well looked-after. The professionals at Jean Louis David spill all their best tips.
Like most things, the ends of your hair suffer wear and tear over time. Your roots, however, are brand new. “Only the lengths of your hair need products as this is your oldest hair. This section of your hair experiences  more friction as well as natural oxidation if you don’t look after it. This is true for both mid-length and long hair.” Over time, your lengths become fragile and dehydrated. “This is why products are made especially for long hair, to rehydrate and strengthen the fibre.” After all, the more hydrated your hair is, the softer and more resistant it will be.
To avoid split ends, make sure you give your lengths lots of TLC! Start by hydrating it daily. “Either using products specifically designed for long hair, or using hydrating products such as repair masks. Use each time you wash your hair, as the effects of a mask only last until the next wash.”
Let your hair dry naturally whenever you can. “But if you must absolutely use a hair dryer, don’t hold it too close to your hair. As for straighteners, make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before using them. In both cases, remember to apply a heat-protector spray, which will act as a barrier against the heat, and wring the excess moisture out of your hair with your hands.”
Trimming your hair is also a great way of ridding your hair of split ends, but only in an emergency! Because the more your cut your ends, the slower your hair will grow and it will take you a long, long time to get long hair!
Last piece of advice; avoid snapping your hair’s fibre by suffocating your hair. “For example, if your hairband is too tight you will damage the cuticles and break the fibre.” So be gentle when wearing your hair up!
Our tip: For a professional result, get yourself to your nearest Jean Louis David salon. To make sure your hair is deeply repaired and that the effect lasts longer than just a few washes, opt for the Fitness treatment. This is a treatment designed to revitalise the hair from within its fibres.

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