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The top knot, practical for keeping you cool.
The top knot, practical for keeping you cool.

Long hair: 3 hairstyles to wear at the beach

Whether you want to tie your hair up or free your locks, take a closer look at these quick-to-create hairstyles for a day out at the beach.

1. A top knot

This hairstyle is both simple and effective. Its triple advantage: it keeps the hair out of your face, it keeps you cool and takes hardly any time to create.

To successfully achieve this look, start by thoroughly detangling your hair. The sand/salt water mix is renowned for making your hair knotty.

Then, gather your locks into a high ponytail. If you have thick hair, you just need to twist your locks to obtain a voluminous bun. Is your hair finer? Feel free to braid your locks to add volume to your chignon. When you tie your hair up, use an elasticated hair tie so your bun holds. Hair pins are bound to get on your nerves at the beach and you'll risk losing them. And if a few strands come loose? Twist them lightly and tuck them into the tied-up style.

2. Mini braids on loose hair

Do you wish to create a nymph-like style? Leave your locks loose instead of tying them up. Once your hair is detangled, apply a small amount of sun protection treatment. The aim? To provide your hair with an anti-UV shield. To do this, opt for the Sun Therapy Multi-Purpose Leave-In Gel. Its formula is enriched in UV filters complete with pro-vitamin B5 for nourishing and hydrating the hair fibre.

Once you have prepared the base for your hairstyle, select three strands. Plait them right down to the tips and tie them all together using a tone-on-tone elasticated hair tie. Repeat this as many times as you wish.

3. A high braided ponytail

This is a practical hairstyle par excellence, especially if you like swimming for hours. The braid is a good way to move away from the sporty aspect of the ponytail. Semi-chic, semi-bohemian, it suits every occasion, including a day at the beach.

After you have detangled your hair and got rid of any knots, gather it into a high ponytail (it'll be more comfortable if you wish to have a siesta) and tie it up with a hair tie.

Third step: plaiting. It's up to you to choose between the classic or the more on-trend fishtail braid technique (with two strands). Plait right down to the tips and hold it in place with a tone-on-tone or a more colourful hair tie. For a summer look, consider wearing a bandana. Tied at the base of your ponytail, it is the perfect finishing touch to your hairstyle.


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