How to use rollers

Thought rollers were a thing of the past? Even though straighteners and curling tongs have largely replaced them today, they are still extremely effective! The advantage of using rollers is that the effect lasts a lot longer than a simple blow-dry. So why not give it a go yourself?
Rollers are used to give your hair long-lasting volume. Simply roll wet hair around the roller and leave it to dry. “The disadvantage is that at home you don’t have the use of a hood dryer like you do in a salon. This means your hair takes a rather long time to dry. So speed things up a bit using your hair dryer”. The hair around the roller will then begin to take shape. Be patient and wait until your hair is completely dry before removing the roller. You can then start styling your hair. Either keep the round shape and work your fingers through your hair, or brush it for a straighter style.
Rollers come in many different sizes. Use bigger rollers if you’re after straighter hair and smaller ones if you want curls. “The choice of diameter also depends on the length of your hair. If you have really long hair, go for bigger rollers. Otherwise you’ll never reach the ends of your hair!” The size of roller you choose depends on the result you’re after as well as the length of your hair.
To get the best results you need to know how to use your rollers properly! Go for self-grip rollers, these are a lot easier to insert than rollers that need to be pinned in place. Comb your hair thoroughly to smooth it out then divide into several sections. Hold each piece of hair up in the air and place the roller at the ends. “Careful you don’t forget your ends when inserting your roller, otherwise you could end up with bodged curls which are difficult to remove later on.” If you just want to add a slight rounded movement to your mid-lengths, simply place a few rollers in this section.
Our tip: If you’re not very patient, you could try inserting your rollers into dry hair, dampening it beforehand with mousse or hairspray. Roll your hair around them, and then dry off your hair using a hair dryer. In just 10-15 minutes your hair will have added movement. The only downside is that the effect will only last a day or an evening, no longer!

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