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How to take care of your hair in winter
How to take care of your hair in winter
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How to take care of your hair in winter

The winter weather often takes its toll on our hair and changes its natural fibres…or so we think. This isn’t strictly true!  Your hair is simply more static as it is constantly rubbing against your hat and scarf. Hair is also more likely to have greasy roots in winter as hats stop your hair from breathing properly.
One thing’s for sure…your hair is bound to get more static in winter. ‘The reason your hair gets like this isn’t 100% sure. It could be the cold, your immune system not being as strong in winter or even wearing your hat too much. So, when your hair comes into contact with certain scarves or hats, your hair takes on some static electricity.
At Jean Louis David, there’s a miracle cure! ‘ Jean Louis David’s Ionic Hairbrush will rescue your hair this winter. Helping your hair become soft and shiny, whilst getting rid of any static charge, the brush is infused with negative ions which neutralise the static charge and calm frizz-prone hair.’
Hat fans should try using dry shampoo on a daily basis. ‘ It’s one of the only products which can save your hair from the multitude of problems brought about by wintery weather. A leave-in spray which restores moisture to the hair can also work even if it’s not ideal to have damp hair in winter’.
Do you feel that your hair is duller in winter ? This is the case for many women out there. Fatigue builds up in winter and your hair shows this. ‘ A serum can add shine to your hair and the result is instant. It’s much less difficult to restore shine to your hair in winter than body and volume’.
Our advice : Don’t automatically think that because winter has arrived you need to change your hair-care routine. The fibre and state of your hair remains the same. There are external factors that can upset your hair’s natural balance, however this can easily be fixed by using styling products.

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