How to look well-styled after a pool session

After doing a few lengths in the pool, does your hair look lifeless? To come out of the swimming baths looking as well-styled as you went in, here are a few easy tips to follow.

A swimming session during your lunch break is great, but going back to the office with rats’ tails isn’t the best look for your 2:40 p.m. meeting. However, looking impeccable after you’ve left the pool isn’t such a tall order.

Plan ahead by bringing the right tools

Swimsuit: Check. Swimming cap: Check. (There are two schools of thought, but fabric swimming caps are often recommended for long weakened locks). Towel: Check… But to stay looking well-styled when you leave the pool, you will also need to pack a special styling kit containing:

● Plant oil (jojoba or argan)

● Hydrating shampoo and conditioner containing aloe vera to compensate for the drying effects of chlorine

● A highly absorbent towel for rapid drying

● Anti-frizz serum

● A styling product appropriate for the style you wish to create (mousse, gel, wax, hairspray)

Protect your hair before your swim

Before putting your swimming cap on, apply a few drops of plant oil all over your hair. This is a good way to limit the stripping effects of chlorine and to prevent your hair from rubbing against the cap (which can break the hair fibre and cause split ends to form.) If your locks are well-nourished, they will be easier to detangle and less likely to go frizzy due to a lack of hydration.

The first treatments to apply after your swim

When you come out of the pool, start by washing your hair twice to ensure that you remove any oil and chlorine from your hair. Apply conditioner and let it soak in for as long as it takes you to soap your body and rinse out your swimsuit. Thoroughly rinse out the conditioner. Rub your hair in your towel to quickly dry it and apply a small amount of serum to your locks.

Rapid styling

At this point you have the choice between:

Blow-drying. Perfect if the pool has a hair dryer and your hair isn’t too thick. Beforehand, apply a few drops of thermo-active serum to your locks and straighten out your hair strands by pulling down on them as you dry. If you have lovely long locks and are short on time, opt for a chignon which is much quicker to do.

Curls. If your hair is wavy or curly, you are very fortunate! Once your hair is pretty much dry, due to the super-absorbent towel, all you need to do is spread out a small amount of styling mousse in your hair and scrunch your locks (to ensure the curls stay intact.) Make sure you don’t touch your roots and that’s all there is to it!

The wet hair look. A good solution for short hair is the wet hair look . Mark out a side parting using a comb and flatten down your hair towards the back, with wax for a matt finish or gel for a shiny look.

A braid. If your hair is particularly unruly, tame it with a plait. Sleek braids, cornrows or a fishtail plait… It’s up to you. Tip: start braiding before your hair is completely dry to flatten down any unruly strands which may poke out of the braid.

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