How to look after your hair products

To get the most out of your hair products, you need to know how to use them and how to look after them. Your hair treatments and styling products require a bit of pampering too. Here are a few professional tips from Jean Louis David.
The products we eat always have an expiry date. This is also the case for shampoos, hairspray and hair masks. “The product won’t necessarily deteriorate, but it may become less effective. However, the date on your products is not the only criteria to take into account. The way you store them also plays an important role.”
The first thing to think about is not leaving your hair products open. Always make sure you close them once you’ve finished using them. “Shampoos and masks often go out of date two months after they’ve been opened. But it’s a whole different story when it comes to styling products. For example, a hair gel may turn hard on the surface if it has not been used regularly.” This is due to the air! Mix the product up to make it even again or remove the hard area.
You should also remember to clean your products, especially the tops of your styling products. “For example, if you don’t use hairspray very often, the nozzle can get clogged up. The result is that it will no longer spray evenly…” To avoid this, clean the nozzle with a bit of alcohol. Gas is also an issue with aerosols as it evaporates after a certain length of time. If this happens, put your hairspray straight in the bin!
Finally, avoid contact with water or other products. If you’re showering with soap or shower gel and you want to use a hair mask, try not to dunk your soapy hand into your mask. “You don’t know what effect this might have. So, if you can, rinse your hands before applying your mask.”
Our tip: If you tend to stockpile to make sure you’re never without your favourite products, store your cosmetics in a dry place, away from light and heat, to make sure they last as long as possible.

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