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Follow our advice on how to create this on trend braid.
Follow our advice on how to create this on trend braid.
Follow our advice on how to create this on trend braid.

How to create an Egyptian braid


Also known as the fishtail braid, the Egyptian braid is one of the star hairstyles of the summer months. It adapts to all styles, is fashionable and easy to create. Find out the steps you need to follow to successfully create it in 10 minutes flat.

Although this style suits all hair textures (straight, curly and wavy), this braid requires a certain length of hair. Are your locks at least shoulder length? In that case your hair is long enough for you to try out this style. As for accessories, you will need a flat brush, a transparent hair tie and an anti-humidity hairspray, such as Fix Spray (tested and approved).

Prepare your hair

Carefully detangle your hair using a brush. Your aim: to make your hair as supple as possible by getting rid of any knots. To achieve this, work strand by strand. Depending on your desired result, either very structured or asymmetrical, opt for a centre or side parting. For a more natural result, pull all of your hair towards the back to keep the hair fully out of your face.

Braid your locks

Gather your hair at the nape of your neck then tie it into a low ponytail. Here the hair tie is simply used to create the base of the plait, you'll remove it at the end of this step. Separate your hair into two sections, holding each one in a hand. Select a thin strand from the outside of the right-hand section, then take it over to the left-hand side and vice versa. Repeat this. You now know how to form your Egyptian braid! Plait down to the tips and hold it in place with a transparent or tone-on-tone hair tie.

Fix your hairstyle

To finish, apply Fix Spray: your hairstyle will not move for hours. To properly use your hairspray, apply it around 20cm away from your hair. This is the ideal distance to ensure the product is spread out evenly, without making your hair sticky.

If you wish to personalise your hairstyle, feel free to accessorise it. Find out how you can add an Oriental touch to your hairstyle with hair jewellery.

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