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How to achieve winter 2015’s copper color
How to achieve winter 2015’s copper color
Styles and trends

How to achieve winter 2015’s copper color

This season, copper is one of our biggest color trends here at Jean Louis David. However, you don’t need to go crazy with color to try out this look. Discover the different ways to incorporate copper into your style this season.
At Jean Louis David, we believe copper should be worn with pride, in a vibrant hue of red. ‘We chose this color for our collection this season to reflect the pieces sent down the runway. In fact, several designers opted for statement orange garments. In terms of hair color, copper traditionally lands somewhere in between red and orange tones’.
Not keen on the idea of coloring your hair such a look-at-me shade? No problem. ‘Simply tell your stylist that you don’t want your color transformation to be too noticeable. At the salon, it’s all about getting the correct mixture and color intensity. Your stylist will be able to add less red pigments, however you should bear in mind that the end-result will not appear as vibrant as expected’.
Just because your hair is long, doesn’t mean you can’t rock copper locks. ‘Women with statement long hair actually look great with a bright shade on their lengths. It all depends on your individual tastes. Women who want to get noticed out and about should opt for a more intense shade, regardless of hair length’.
Keeping your copper color looking fresh can be done both at home and in the salon. ‘The Colour Therapy range is perfect for keeping your shade looking vibrant. You can opt for the Colour Therapy treatment in salon, where a stylist will add the correct color pigments to match your color. At home, using the shampoo and conditioner will hydrate and add shine to your locks’.
Our advice: Don’t panic when your natural hair color starts to show at the roots. A tiny bit of root re-growth can actually give your style definition, however any more than 3cm needs a trip the salon for a touch-up. Grey roots, however, should be dealt with immediately.
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