How should I style my hair when flying ?

It’s often thought that flying can dry out your hair, however the air-conditioning on a planes has no effect on your locks at all. In actual fact, it’s long distance journeys that effect your hair, which is why your style can end up looking the same tired state as your face after hours of travelling !
It’s difficult to step off the plane with perfect-looking hair. ‘Your hair is constantly rubbing against the head of your seat the whole journey. Whether your flight is 2 or 12 hours long, your hair isn’t going to look great if you do nothing to it. Unless you keep moving your head into different positions to preserve your style, your hair is going to have that ‘just-got-out-of-bed look’ which isn’t always the look you’re going for! ’
There are several solutions to avoid your hair looking like a birds nest when you get off the plane. ‘The first way is to tie it up. This limits the amount of hair rubbing against your head rest and stops you waking up with hair all over your face. Make sure your style doesn’t bother you however, by creating a high top-knot or a low-slung ponytail’.
The second solution is to make sure you have some styling products on you whilst travelling. ‘You need products to put moisture back into your hair and to re-hydrate it. Hair that tends to get greasy easily should use a mini dry-shampoo that can be taken on board’
Our advice :  before travelling, buy a miniature bottle which can be taken on board the plane. Fill this up with a leave-in nourishing product which will give your hair some life just before you land !


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