How do you successfully create an unstructured chignon?

The unstructured messy-styled chignon has lots of appeal thanks to its romantic look. Other advantages are that it adds a touch of sophistication, is really simple to create and is quick to hold. Here are four steps to mastering the technique.

To save time, have close at hand:

  • A comb
  • About ten wavy hair grips the same colour as your hair
  • Four transparent hairbands
  • Hairspray

To create a Bohemian hairstyle, select a few fine strands from around your face and leave them loose until the last step. If you do not wish to create a Boho look, skip this step and follow the tutorial.

Step 1. Separate the hair into three

Using a comb, divide your hair into three sections (which do not need to be equal). The one with the most hair, in the centre or at the side, will be used as a base and will determine where the chignon is placed. Divide it into two strands of a similar thickness and tie up each one into a loose ponytail using a transparent hairband.

Step 2. Loop the ponytails around each other

Get your two ponytails and loop them around each other as many times as your hair length will allow. Make sure you tighten them each time so that the hairstyle doesn’t get undone. The resulting “braid” should then be rolled up into a chignon and clipped against your head using flat hairpins.

Step 3. Loop the rest of your hair

To finish off the hairstyle, go back to the two remaining strands from step 1. Loop them around each other like in the previous step to make a fine braid which you will fasten around the initial chignon with as many hairpins as you require to secure the hairstyle .

Step 4. Add the finishing touches

If you have left a few strands loose at the beginning to frame your face, gather them around the chignon to hide any visible accessories. For a sophisticated look, apply hairspray to smooth down any wispy bits of hair around the forehead. For a Bohemian look, lift your roots with your fingers.

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