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How to hold your style without hairspray
How to hold your style without hairspray

How to hold your style without hairspray

When it comes to fixing your style in place, most women turn to their trusty hairspray. However, choosing the wrong hairspray can ruin your hair, leaving it stiff and greasy. Luckily, there are other ways to make your hairstyle stay put throughout the day…and all night if need be!
Choose your hairspray according to your hair type. ‘ Using the wrong hairspray will leave a visibly damaging effect on your hair.  However, if there’s one thing you should avoid at all costs, it’s hairspray that leaves white sticky marks and residue on your hair which will ruin your look. Thick hair needs a strong hold hairspray whereas fine hair can get away with a lighter hairspray. What’s more, if your hair is fine and damaged, hairspray can aggravate these problems further. Choose a hairspray which brushes out easily without leaving a trace behind.’
It’s also worth knowing that there are other products out there that work the same way as hairspray. ‘Gels and some spray-type products allow you to fix your hairstyle in place, much like a hairspray would. Design Spray is great if you’re looking to keep your hair in place all day long. To get the most out of this product, spray it through the hair whilst using a heated appliance such as a hairdryer or straighteners.’
Texturising products, however, won’t hold your hair. ‘Forget about using sculpting paste or other texturising powders. Yes, they give your hair more texture and volume but they don’t hold your hair at all’
Our tip: Although there are other alternatives to hairspray, try to always stick to what you know best…your hairspray. It’s rare that a product can hold your hair in place as long as a hairspray would. The molecules in hairspray stick to one another and make your hairstyle last all day long. Professional stylists always use hairspray in photo shoots.

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