How can you tie up your hair without damaging it?

Not only is the ponytail particularly on trend this season, it is also practical! There is nothing quite like it to help you feel comfortable for hours. To preserve your hair’s vitality whilst showing off a styled look, take a look at our advice.

Choose your accessories carefully

Avoid using hair ties which have a metal bar. Your hair will have a tendency to get tangled around it and break. Rubber or plastic hair ties are also not advisable for the same reasons. Opt for hair ties which are both supple and coated.

Do not over-tighten your hair

You shouldn’t feel any pain or tension. Roots which are pulled too tightly can cause headaches. To flatten down your hair, use styling products (gel, hairspray, mousse). However, don’t use them excessively, with the risk of making your hair heavy or smothering it. Finally, on a daily basis, opt for loose tied-up styles which have been highly on trend for several seasons.

Let your hair breathe

If you tie up your hair on a daily basis, don’t always fix your accessories in the same place (hair slides, hairgrips…). Eventually, you will sensitize the point where they are attached. Furthermore, consider letting your hair down from time to time: your hair will regain its natural shape and your roots will be able to aerate slightly. Finally, if you only swear by wearing your hair up, feel free to vary your styles daily. There are thousands of styles of chignons plaits or ponytails… The only limit is your imagination!

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