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Get voluminous curls
Get voluminous curls
Get voluminous curls

How can I get XXL curls?


Glamorous and seductive, you cannot beat voluminous curls for giving your hair a new look. Yet, how can you create such movement in your hair when it is poker straight? Read on to find out how with three fool proof techniques.

Curling wands: for those short on time

Simple to use, curling wands allow you to create beautiful curls in no time at all. After applying a heat protection spray, you simply need to wrap your locks around the curling wand, one section at a time. Once you have finished, run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls' overly fixed look, then set it all with hairspray.

Rollers: for those with great patience

Forget 1980s style roller-set looks, nowadays rollers can give your hair the floaty movement you desire, without weakening your hair with extreme temperatures. Although curls take longer to form this way than with a heated styling appliance, they hold for longer. This is a great reason to give in to using these mini rollers, especially as certain soft, bendy versions are specifically designed to be worn at night. Just what you need to curl your hair with ease whilst having sweet dreams!

Perms: for those set on having this look

As the most radical solution, perms consist of curling the hair with long-lasting results. Though it had fallen into disuse, this technique is now making a comeback. Nowadays less damaging and more natural-looking, this technique proves to be highly practical for those who are tired of curling their hair every morning. To perm the hair, the locks are wrapped around rollers and then a product is applied to fix the movement for a guaranteed "ultra-curly" look which can last for between two and three months.

Top tip for getting oversize curls: no matter which technique you prefer, always opt for curling tongs or rollers with a large diameter for the best possible results.

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