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Opt for a simple on-trend chignon.
Opt for a simple on-trend chignon.
Opt for a simple on-trend chignon.

How can I create a snail shell chignon?


Fashionable, quick and easy to create, the snail shell chignon has got everything going for it... You can try out this this look whatever your style. To create this chignon successfully every time, follow our advice with these three steps.

Just like the ponytail and half-ponytail, the chignon is an essential hairstyle. Although the bohemian version is one of the favourites for brides-to-be, the snail shell version is a staple hairstyle which goes with everything, whether it is to emphasise a sophisticated outfit, tone down a distinctive look or complete a casual style. Its main asset? It is the perfect hairstyle if you are always in a rush.

To create this hairstyle, you need a flat brush (or a comb), a hair dryer and a transparent or a tone-on-tone hair tie. Not forgetting hairspray and a good number of chignon hairpins.

Prepare your hair to be styled

Start by thoroughly detangling your hair to make your locks more supple and to eliminate any knots. If you have planned to straighten a few strands (best for taming frizz), apply a thermo-active treatment before using straighteners or a hair dryer.

Top tip: to make your hairstyle last longer, avoid creating your chignon just after shampooing your hair. Recently washed hair is harder to control.

Create your snail shell chignon

Brush your hair towards the back, by flattening it down on your head. Tie it up into a low ponytail and twist your hair in on itself down to the tips. Wrap your hair around your hair tie to form a snail shell. As soon as you have created your chignon, hold it in place with as many hairpins as you require. To do this, you just need to a take a strand and pin it on the outside of the bun, then take another strand and pin it inside of the bun. It is this movement which allows you to fix your chignon. Here, the challenge is to make sure the hairpins are invisible by pressing down firmly on top of them.

Fix your hairstyle

You know the routine, finish off your hairstyle with hairspray: your chignon will hold for longer and you will prevent frizz. The best thing to do? Spray it on around twenty centimetres away from your hair for a more natural finish.

To personalise this hairstyle, consider using accessories. A chignon comb, a headband, pearls... or go for some hair jewellery. Depending on your style, you can develop your hairstyle. Want a more sophisticated version? Place your chignon to one side and finish off your look with some earrings. For a more casual finish, give your chignon a messy-styled effect (already tested on the chignon bun!).

To go one step further, find out which earrings to choose to add the finishing touches to your look!

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