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Hairstyle head-to-head: grunge wet look VS chic wet look
Hairstyle head-to-head: grunge wet look VS chic wet look

Hairstyle head-to-head: grunge wet look VS chic wet look

The wet look has been a key trend for a few seasons now, and that is not set to change for Autumn-Winter 2013-2014. It comes in many variations, offering something for every kind of look, from the most chic, to the more grunge. We take these two hairstyles head to head.
The grunge wet look. This hairstyle is guaranteed to bring out your rebellious side! The hairstyle always follows the same principle: it uses a combination of two effects. For this version though, the hair on top is scrunched up using a mattifying and texturising powder. This is what gives the hairstyle its rebellious feel. As usual, the hairstyle features no parting, rather the hair on top is roughed up for a more dishevelled effect.
The chic wet look. Elegant and sophisticated, this is the ideal style for a night out. The chic wet-look effect is only guaranteed if you use the right amount of gel. The greasy effect must be avoided at all costs. Start by brushing your hair to get it as manageable as possible. Next, rub a small amount of gel between your hands and distribute evenly through the top of your hair.
Our verdict. Though the chic wet-look hairstyle is designed for more glamorous events, the grunge wet-look effect is more suitable for everyday wear, and is therefore more versatile. But be careful not to go over the top with the grunge effect if wearing it to the office. Hair should look roughed up, but just enough. It's best to avoid the bedhead look if possible!
© Pixelformula/Sonia Rykiel prêt-à-porter show, Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 and Elie Saab Prêt-à-Porter show, Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 © Jean Louis David
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