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The secrets of going from blond to redhead without any regrets
The secrets of going from blond to redhead without any regrets
The secrets of going from blond to redhead without any regrets
Hair colouring

Hair colouring: how do you go from blond to redhead?


Do you dream of trading in your blond for flaming red locks? Whatever you do, don't just go for any shade of red on a whim. Here is everything you need to know to get red locks without going wrong!

Find the shade of red best suited to your blond colour

Although technically you can go any shade of red with your light base colour, not all shades will enhance your features. The golden rule for a successful transformation? Opt for the shade which is closest to your natural hair colour for a result that looks right. If your hair is platinum or baby blond, go for strawberry blond, the lightest shade of red, whose mild golden and copper highlights will not create too much of a stark contrast with your very fair locks. With a dark blond base, however, go for a vibrant tone such as a flaming red which has more orange-based shades. Good news: you cannot beat these shades of red for enhancing the pale to golden complexion which often comes with blond locks!

Which techniques should you go for?

Luckily, blond is the ideal base for getting a beautiful red hair colour without damaging your locks. This is because no bleaching is required, unlike for brunettes. To go from light blond to strawberry blond simple highlights will be enough to change your colour, with copper shades blended into your base. However, with a dark blond, a full-coverage colouring treatment is the best option. Opt for a permanent colour if you are sure of your decision. Alternatively, go for a henna hair colouring treatment as a trial run which will gradually fade, so as not to take any risks.

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