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Hair accessories: the bandana is back
Hair accessories: the bandana is back
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Hair accessories: the bandana is back

Punks and bikers loved it in the 80s, and now the bandana is making a huge comeback in 2013. Though it used to be worn around the neck, today fashionistas see it as the perfect hair accessory. Agyness Deyn's signature accessory can be seen in tons of summer hairstyles for an enviable retro, vintage edge.
The banana, 2013 version. Though the 90s look right at home in 2013, the accessory that was once used as a scarf and as a symbol of rebellion against authority is being revived as a must-have hair accessory. As such, in 2013, the bandana is a refreshed and accessible go-to hair accessory for fashionistas.
Who is it for? Though the bandana print has made its way onto some items of clothing, its most popular use is to wear it in messy-look hair. For the summer season, the bandana is the hair accessory of choice for festival-goers and other boho fashionistas. Whether your hair is cut in a bob or long, the bandana can be adapted to create a modern look.
How to tie the bandana. The 2013 version of the bandana is worn across the head, tied slightly to the side. Worn on loose hair or to enhance a chignon, the bandana is the perfect accessory for any hairstyle. Scrunch it up width-ways then place it on either side of the head so that it covers your eyes. Tie a simple double knot then thread the two ends under the bandana to create a puffed knot.
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