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Music festivals: bohemian styling ideas
Music festivals: bohemian styling ideas
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Music festivals: bohemian styling ideas

Spring is here and that can only mean one thing: let the festival season commence! This is the perfect opportunity to try out new looks and new styles. At Coachella, the Californian festival which attracts all the biggest celebs, supermodels, singers and actresses were all sporting new looks. We’ve borrowed these three ideas from them to give you star-style all summer long!
Wavy hair. Take a leaf out of American top model Dree Hemingway’s book and go for a natural effect, even if it means styling your hair! After all, no one needs to know! For best results, use curling tongs. Choose tongs with a large barrel to get your curls as big as possible. A wavy style must not look too structured. Roll large sections of the mid-lengths around the tongs. Leave your ends naturally loose for a more bohemian edge. If you already have wavy hair, run your fingers through wet hair with a styling mousse for a natural-looking result. Apply a layer of hairspray to hold the style in place.
The flower garland. For a touch of bohemian chic, weave pretty pastel flowers through your hair. Do this by placing a flower garland on loose hair, which can be either curly or straight: both will work. Place horizontally, so that it sits at the mid-front of your hair; or further back, a bit like a headband. Try not to let it stand out too much: the idea is to “melt” it into your hair.
The messy side braid. Everyone loves braids. This style is both, practical and sophisticated, innocent and sexy, and works on long hair. Start by creating a side-parting using a comb and pulling your hair round to the side you want the braid to be on. Divide your hair into three sections and start braiding, keeping it loose to get that messy bohemian look we all love so much. Once you reach the ends, secure the style with a coloured hair band.
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