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Get the low down on the messy braided crown...
Get the low down on the messy braided crown...

Get the low down on the messy braided crown...

The braided crown is the ideal way to open up your face whilst cementing your style status. This winter, why not update this hairstyle with a messy, haphazard finish? Perfect for adding a romantic, bohemian and feminine feel to any outfit.
The look was spotted on the Aganovich Spring-Summer 2015 runway at Paris Fashion Week. Hair was braided at the front into a crown, allowing a few strands to escape and frame the face. This deliberately messy style will create an on-trend and relaxed feel to your look. When it comes to your face, nude make-up is the way forward. In terms of your outfit, sophisticated pieces in pastel tones are an excellent choice for warm summer evenings.
To create your crown, your hair will need to be a certain length. Begin by braiding a French plait from one ear towards the opposite side, adding pieces from either side as you braid. Pin into place with bobby pins, then gently tease different areas of your braid to nail the undone look, making sure a few strands hang around the face for a framing effect. Complete your look with a layer of hairspray to ensure your style stays put all day long.
© PixelFormula, Aganovich prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2015 © Jean Louis David
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