Everything there is to know about colour shampoos

Neither a colouring technique nor a simple treatment, colour shampoos are a real ally for your hair colour, provided they are used properly and the right product is chosen. Read on to find out how to use them.

What is a colour shampoo?

Contrary to preconceived ideas resulting from its name, it does not act like a simple shampoo but rather a hair product which combines the action of a treatment with a superficial and temporary hair colouring technique. The effects of this can last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the product and how readily it fades as it is washed out. Because of this, a colour shampoo is not used like a traditional shampoo. It should be spread out over your locks and left to soak in so that the pigments can take action. Enriched in nutritive ingredients which preserve the hair’s colour, it does not damage your locks. Better still, it enhances your hair!

What is it used for?

For use on either natural or pre-coloured hair, a colour shampoo can revive your base colour as well as your complexion by creating or intensifying highlights, producing locks full of an array of shades. As a result, it enhances your hair’s colour by adding a shine boost, depth and contours in just a few minutes. It provides a great alternative to permanent hair colouring for boosting your hair’s colour . However you should not rely on it to conceal your grey hairs as its coverage is not as good as a classic colouring treatment.

How to choose the colour of your colour shampoo?

It is out of the question to go from brunette to blonde with this type of hair treatment. It is not designed to radically modify the colour of your hair. A colour shampoo should preferably be chosen tone-on-tone or one tone away from your base shade, but no more than that. To benefit fully from its enhancing effects, choose your colour shampoo according to your base colour as there are specific products for blondes, brunettes and even for redheads (although they are much more rare and harder to find). They give you a highly natural incognito result for beautiful looking locks.

At Jean Louis David, colour enhancers come in gold, chocolate or copper and can be chosen according to your hair colour.

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