Daytime hairstyles that can take you out on the town

Whether it be a dinner with friends, an after-work get-together with colleagues or a date… Going out straight after a day’s work is possible as long as you are smart about it. The ideal solution? Pop a pair of heels in your bag and opt for a 2-in-1 hairstyle which can take you from day to night.

The fishtail braid

Having been a must-have look for several seasons now, the fishtail braid can save the day if you love Bohemian hairstyles. Go for a wide single braid in long hair or opt for lighter more understated braids if wearing your hair down. Have fun by combining your fishtail braid with a headband or add a few more eye-catching hairpins at the end of the day.
Our technique. Separate your hair (or the section you wish to braid) into two parts. Select a fine piece of hair from the right-hand section and bring it into the middle of the left-hand section. Repeat this while swapping sides, so bring a small piece of hair from the left to the right-hand section and vice versa, pulling it tight as you go. Braid down to the tips. For a neat finish, spritz on hairspray before you start working on the hairstyle.

The ballerina bun

Mainstream as it is, this type of bun is the ultimate chameleon hairstyle. Opt for a slightly de-styled version for a cool relaxed look or a neater slicked-back version to own a posh style. For a rock chick look, go for a top knot, perfect for keeping the hair out of your face and showcasing red lipstick or smoky eyes.
Our technique. Spritz on hairspray if you want a neat finish. Gather your hair towards the back and tie it up into a ponytail. Twist your locks down to the tips before coiling them around themselves. By doing so you will get a small round chignon which you can simply hold in place with a few hairpins. A clever tip from the professionals? Slide them in underneath the hairband so that they are invisible.

Soft waves

Though ultra-sculpted curls may be your favourite look for a night out, for daytime they can be difficult to carry off. For fans of loose locks, opt for floaty waves instead, and finish off the hairstyle with a piece of hair jewellery for the evening.
Our technique. Use curling tongs to work on your hair section by section before running your fingers through it to loosen the waves. Then style your hair however you wish, either to the side or with a centre parting. Finish off the whole look with a few spritzes of hairspray.

The sleek ponytail

Sporty, chic or relaxed, the ponytail is a staple hairstyle for both daytime and evening. The happy medium to successfully make the transition from daytime to evening? Go for an ultra-sleek version.
Our technique. Start by meticulously straightening your hair. Then gather your locks at the top of your head using a brush to flatten down the section at the front. Tie back your locks using a hairband and select a relatively thick section of hair to wrap around the hair tie to conceal it. Hold it in place with a flat hairpin. Is the summer heat making your hair frizz? A small amount of gel will tame any unruly frizzy strands.

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