Colouring your hair: knowing what you want

All colours are allowed! But to care for it on a daily basis and allow you to have flexibility whenever you want change, let your hairdresser guide and advise you. Discover some basic rules before making a decision.
There are three types of base: light, medium and dark. It’s important for your hairdresser to know what he is working with, so he can best decide what to do and what techniques to use. “At Jean Louis David, we like working with visuals aids. We have the Colour book which allows us to determine, alongside the client, what pleases her or not. For example, if she points out copper or mahogany, we know that she prefers warm tones. If she chooses ashen or iridescent, we’ll know that she prefers cooler tones. This helps us decide which products to use.”
Whether you are blonde and want jet black hair or you are brunette and would like to try out a flamboyant red, anything is possible! “Today, we have a large margin of manoeuvre, but we must act in accordance with the client and pay close attention to the needs of the hair. It is also our responsibility to teach them how to maintain the colour at home.”
Your hairdresser should therefore take into account the state of your hair and its condition. For example, if it is thick, dark or light, if it has already been chemically treated etc. Bearing in mind all these factors, your hairdresser will know the limits of what he can do in colouring your hair. “The objective is to give you a colour which is easy to maintain at home and which you can easily change.”
Our tip: For those of you who are scared of getting a permanent colour, there is the 100% Gloss service which allows you to change the colour for a few weeks, without affecting or sensitizing your hair. The colour lasts one month on average and fades with washing. This can allow you to test a new colour before making the decisive step!

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