Christmas 2018: I want a party hairstyle

Perhaps you have decided to get all dressed up to open your Christmas presents this year? Maybe you’re still unsure about what to do with your hair though? Don’t panic, here are 3 party hairstyles which will make a big impression under the Christmas tree.

Ah, Christmas: Christmas trees, gifts, tinsel, chocolates, party outfits and hairstyles… What? You still don’t know how to style your hair on Christmas day? Luckily, Jean Louis David has just the solution!

Long hair: a braided chignon bun

Worn as a top knot, this XXL hairstyle will give you the most sophisticated of looks whilst setting off your posture. With this hairstyle, you are sure to get noticed. Especially if you opt for the braided version of the chignon bun. With this revisited version of a famous hairstyle worn by stars of the dancing world, you are sure to shine bright on this special day.

Mid-length hair: a side-swept wavy look

For Christmas, you should put in twice the amount of effort: so opt for wavy locks swept over to one side for a very glamorous hairstyle. A little piece of advice: for an even more seductive look, feel free to wear an outfit which bares your shoulders. This will showcase your cascading curls even more.

Short hair: a sprinkling of glitter

At Christmas, short hairstyles are also getting a party look. It is the perfect chance to give a twist to your haircut with glitter. To do this, use hair mascara on your locks or even on the tips, depending on the intensity of the look you wish to create. Hair mascara is a simple product which will make your hair shine beautifully.

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