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Choosing the best straightening treatment
Choosing the best straightening treatment

Choosing the best straightening treatment

Straightening treatments involve changing the structure of the hair. Curly or frizzy hair is reformed to leave it looking and feeling smoother and straighter. But there are a number of different ways of achieving this result. Learn a bit about them before you choose one.
Traditional straightening treatments use thioglycolic acid. “This penetrates the hair to break the cysteine bridges before joining them back together. This chemical process changes the links in the hair to straighten it”. This is a radical, long-lasting way of getting the hair you want, and is recommended for very frizzy or very curly hair.
If you simply have slightly curly hair, there are other straightening techniques available which are less aggressive. “First of all there’s the famous keratin-based Brazilian straightening treatment. Then there’s the cysteine straightening treatment and, finally, the Japanese straightening treatment, which uses silk proteins.” Once the hair is straight, it becomes softer and easier to style!
Think carefully about where you go for your straightening treatment. A dodgy treatment can end up damaging your hair. “Before rushing straight to the salon, here are a few rules to bear in mind. For example, don’t go for the traditional straightening treatment if you have coloured hair.” People with fine or fragile hair should also avoid this type of treatment in order to keep their hair healthy and avoid any damage.
When you get home, make sure you look after your newly straightened hair! “If you went for the traditional straightening treatment, use shampoos and treatments for dry hair in order to rehydrate the hair’s fibre, which will have been dried out in the process. Sulphate-free shampoos are a good solution for looking after straightened hair at home.”
Our tip: To avoid damaging your hair, have it straightened no more than three times a year. However, as your roots will grow, revealing your natural hair type in the process, you will need to have it done every 3 to 4 months.
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