Caring for your hair after a straightening treatment

Straightening treatments alter the structure of your hair, which can leave it extra sensitive. After subjecting your hair to the treatment’s chemicals, make sure you to take special care of it.
There aren’t any straightening treatments that don’t damage hair. “We’ve known about the consequences of straightening treatments for many years. But there are alternative solutions that are a lot gentler on hair, such as Japanese straightening and Brazilian straightening.”
But if you still want to go for a traditional straightening treatment (intended mainly for afro hair), think carefully about where you get it done and what you get done. “Straightening treatments are for curly to frizzy hair. Hair needs to be healthy and uncoloured. The healthier your hair is, the more effective the straightening treatment will be. Not only must hair be healthy, but it must be fairly coarse. Straightening treatments pull on your hair and involve chemical products. If your hair is too fine, it will break and become fragile very easily.”
It is vital you look after your hair following a straightening treatment. “Use special post-straightening-treatment products or products for dry, fragile hair. Keratin-based products can help restore your hair’s shine and bounce. Hair becomes dry when it has lost cuticles, so keratin works to give hair back its body.
Our tip: Obviously you can have your coloured following a straightening treatment. However, to avoid damaging your hair, use ammonia-free products.
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