Can I brighten up my locks with the help of haircare products alone?

Is your hair dull, limp and lifeless? There are a few solutions to helping your hair shine and appear healthier. The pros give their top tips to achieving radiant locks.
There are some products on the market which are designed to add shine. ‘The right products can add shine to your locks whilst nourishing and visibly softening their appearance. However, you’ll need to focus on the texture, not the shine. If your hair is healthy and well cared for, it will instantly look glossier and in better condition’.
Opting for a new color is a great way to add a lustrous shine to your hair. ‘Making your hair appear shinier is all about lightening. You can do this by deciding to go a shade or two lighter, keeping things natural. Simply lighten your base shade or opt for multi-tonal highlights which will lift your look. Even a jet black shade can be lightened slightly to provide some depth and shine. Often a few lighter pieces here and there is enough to revitalize your style. Simply apply your color for a few minutes, then rinse. Your stylist will be able to recommend which strands should be lightened in order to achieve a natural-looking color that boosts shine’.
Our advice: The Oil Therapy range is ideal for lifting your style! Made up of precious oils and pearlescent pigments, this bespoke haircare range will instantly make hair glossy, nourished and lightweight.
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