Advice on how to maintain your styling equipment

As a matter of hygiene, consider regularly cleaning your hair tools. By getting into this habit, you will also prolong their lifespan considerably. Out expert explains.

Given that you lose around one hundred hairs a day, lots of them remain stuck to your accessories. Not to mention the dust and residue from hairstyling products which can accumulate over just a few days. You must therefore look after your devices to guarantee their effectiveness long term, whilst maintaining impeccable hygiene.

How can I look after them?

Clean your brush roughly every fortnight. You can also use shampoo or do it with soap. Then rinse it in clean water and leave it to air dry. Use this opportunity to wash your combs too. Finally, before styling, remove any blocked hair stuck in the bristles or hair of your brush using a fine comb.”

Your straighteners are no exception to this rule! “Once a month, clean your hot plates with alcohol, wipes or a glass cleaning product. Your objective: eliminate all the residue which gets stuck on the surface. Above all, do not try to clean your straighteners with water at the risk of damaging them. As for your hairdryer, unblock behind the grill from time to time with a comb. Hair and dust actually tend to become embedded there.”

Maintaining tools at Jean Louis David

In all hairdressing salons, accessories are placed in an ultraviolet box before being used. The fluorescent light diffused acts as a germicide, killing bacteria as a result. Furthermore, before attending to any clients, hairdressers systematically clean accessories with a disinfectant wipe. Finally, it is recommended to use linen just once before washing, especially protective hairdressing capes.

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