7 foods for beautiful hair

In addition to regular treatments, beautiful hair also requires a healthy diet. Take a closer look at the following 7 foods (rich in vitamins, trace elements and proteins) which you should try to ensure you have radiant and shiny hair.

1. Strawberries

Rich in vitamin C and essential for glossy hair which is full of health, on the whole red fruits are your hair’s best friend. Furthermore, strawberries also have a high folic acid (vitamin B9), iron and magnesium content which promotes hair growth and strength. Extremely tasty and ideal for preserving your hair’s beauty, eat as much of this little fruit as you want.

2. Spinach

Spinach’s powers don’t cause you to have big muscles, much to Popeye’s dismay, but it does help you have healthy hair. Its secret? The beta-carotene content, a precursor to vitamin A which allows the body to produce sebum, provides a protective film for the skin and helps the scalp’s cell renewal. Its iron content also favours the oxygenation of cells and boosts growth. As a result, it’s a precious ally for your hair.

3. Salmon

An important source of proteins and vitamins (A and B), salmon’s most wonderful asset is its concentration of Omega 3: essential fatty acids which play a vital role in your hair’s life cycle. Their aim: to slow down the natural ageing of cells whilst cleansing the scalp. Trout provides a good, cheap alternative so your hair will quiver with joy in no time.

4. Almonds

Beneficial for the heart and arteries, almonds reduce cholesterol. Kind to your stomach, they facilitate digestion. And, as all good things come in threes, almonds are also excellent for your hair. Rich in zinc, vitamin E and proteins, they are a powerful anti-oxidant which reinforce immune defences and ensure a good supply of energy. They contain selenium, a trace element, which acts as a protector and a sebum regulator for the scalp. Useful for helping to get rid of dandruff, don’t miss out on this fruit, small in size but with a large number of qualities.

5. Eggs

Hair is made up of over 95% keratin, a protein which the body produces naturally but whose production is sometimes slowed down by dietary deficiencies. To stimulate its production, opt for proteins, and more specifically eggs – the champion in this category in terms of content. Rich in vitamin B, they speed up hair fibre renewal. On the plate, soft-boiled, scrambled…vary how you eat them for maximum enjoyment.

6. White meats

Just like egg, white meats (chicken, veal, turkey…) are an important source of protein. But on top of that, they provide your hair with two essential nutrients: iron, which helps to prevent hair loss and vitamin B12 which promotes regrowth. As a result, you should favour these meats over beef or certain types of game.

7. Skimmed milk

With its calcium and vitamin D content, skimmed milk (and dairy products in general) contribute to making your hair softer, better hydrated and nourished. On top of that, it is also rich in magnesium, a natural anti-stress mineral which limits hair loss. Dairy products are therefore your hair’s friend for life.

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