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Why use Jean Louis David's Keratin Therapy treatment
Why use Jean Louis David's Keratin Therapy treatment
Why use Jean Louis David's Keratin Therapy treatment
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5 reasons to use Jean Louis David's Keratin Therapy treatment range


Is your hair dull, brittle and damaged? The hair shaft is most likely lacking in keratin. To restore your hair to the best of health, Jean Louis David has created Keratin Therapy, a salon treatment range. Here are 5 great reasons to try it!

1. An unparalleled key ingredient

At the heart of this four-product treatment range, Jean Louis David has chosen an exceptional active ingredient: keratin. A natural hair protein which gives your hair everything it needs. You cannot beat it for giving your hair a boost. With a personalised application (about 20 minutes for optimum penetration of the product), this treatment is like a rejuvenating soak for your locks.

2. Action at the heart of the hair shaft

After using a mild shampoo to cleanse your hair, the treatment regime is then continued by applying two masks which act in conjunction with one another for deep and superficial reparative action. The first acts at the heart of the hair fibre to fill in any gaps, whereas the second smooths down the cuticles to trap keratin inside the hair shaft.

3. Glossy locks

Thanks to the second mask which settles on the surface of the hair shaft, keratin acts like a "varnish" so that your hair's shine is restored.

4. Optimum protection

By coating the hair, keratin also forms a barrier against external damaging factors. With a few spritzes of a thermo-active protective treatment before styling, the keratin is bonded by the heat of the hair dryer or straighteners, and your hair is stronger, even when subject to high temperatures.

5. Immediate results

As soon as you come out of the salon, your hair is deeply rejuvenated. Your hair is perfectly nourished and is given a real shine boost. The second step? Hold onto the wonderful results of this treatment for longer by using the Keratin Therapy range at home.

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