3 tricks for straightening rebellious hair

No longer know what to do to tame your unruly hair? Try out our expert’s advice for hair which is perfectly under control every day.

• Use hair styling products to help you

You can discipline your rebellious hair in several ways. “Before styling, use shaping products such as Brush Cream or Perfect Liss. They are best for preparing, shaping and controlling your hair. Alternatively, apply hairspray or Design Spray to finish off your hairstyles. Apply it sparingly on a fine comb, then flatten down any small bits of hair at the edges and on the top. You’ll see, they won’t move for hours.”

As for curly or wavy hair, use the same products as straight and smooth hair. “You can also opt for products specialised for your hair’s texture, such as Design Mousse. It allows you to give your curls more definition. The real difference is the technique to adopt to tackle your frizz. In fact, don’t use a brush or a comb. You will therefore keep beautiful waves without the risk of breaking them. Work more with your hands, caressing the surface of your hair.”

• Have a targeted hair regime

Stick to a targeted hair regime as a general rule, whether your hair is rebellious, weakened, broken, or just growing. “Consider maintaining it with treatments adapted to the nature of your hair. [Which products for which hair types?] Your objective is to deeply strengthen your hair. In fact, you will style it much more easily if it is supple and well nourished.”

“Frizz often appears on dry hair. Therefore avoid excessive use of heating devices so as not to dry your hair out even more.”

Luis Faria

• Tie up your hair

Several hairstyles enable you to tame rebellious hair. Notably those where you flatten down your roots using gel. These styles, with a flawless finish, require you to blend any small stray bits into the rest of your hair. A scraped back ponytail, ballerina bun or a plaited crown…It’s down to you to choose the tied-up hairstyle which suits you most.

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