3 hairstyles for a straight-laced sophisticated look

Want a staid hairstyle that will give you a look to die for? Here are three hairstyles which are flawless and elegant in equal measure, to suit all occasions.

Failsafe sleek blow-drying

Do you like wearing your hair down? Then opt for perfectly blow-dried locks which will reinforce your natural charisma. To do this, pre-dry your hair upside-down just after washing, to gain more volume. Then, attach the concentrator nozzle to straighten your locks by smoothing them out from the roots down to the tips using a round brush, accompanying the movement with a hot blast for a perfect result.

A low ponytail + middle part combo

Start by protecting your locks from the heat with a thermo-active product, then straighten them strand by strand to give them a poker-straight look. Then, mark out a flawless middle part before gathering all of your locks together at the nape of the neck to form a low ponytail. Tie it all up with an elasticated hairband and that’s all there is to it!

A ballerina chignon

Inspired by ballerinas, this perfectly round chignon is the very essence of a chic and sophisticated straight-laced look. To create this hairstyle, gather your hair towards the back and tighten it to flatten down your roots and form a ponytail with an elasticated hairband. Then backcomb the lower sections of hair before winding your locks around the base of the hairband to form the chignon. Hold it in place using hairpins and spritz on hairspray as a surefire way to prevent any unruly locks from escaping!

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