3 essential things to get dream hair

In addition to regular hair treatments, certain things help to boost your hair’s vitality for days. Massaging, detangling, having a trim… Focus on 3 rituals you should adopt into your beauty regime for shiny hair which is full of health!


Every evening, carefully brush your hair. “Also consider tying it up, especially if it is long. You will prevent it rubbing together during the night which often tends to tangle it. Detangling will also facilitate styling the next day as you will already have beautiful, tangle-free hair to work with.”

Brush or comb? The brush is perfect as it guarantees gentle and effective work on your hair. The must-have product: a hog’s hair brush which allows you to smooth out the hair’s cuticles so sebum is circulated correctly. However, synthetic brushes (air cushioned, square, round or oval) also work well. It’s down to you to choose the density of bristles which suit you, according to the texture of your hair.

The scalp massage

THE key for guaranteeing good vascularization of your scalp. “The results are undeniable: your hair becomes more beautiful as it has easy access to nutrients essential for its vitality. Short term, it is also softer and removes dead skin and debris more quickly.”

Massage your scalp with your fingertips using circular movements and exerting light pressure. A little tip: add a drop of your favourite plant oil (shea, argan, sweet almond…) for intense nutrition.

Get the ends of your hair trimmed

This will immediately give your hair a boost, especially in winter. “In fact, during this period, your hair is weakened, rubbing against warm clothing, wool or synthetic material. Furthermore, you must avoid split ends as they move up the length of the hair fibre and damage it.”

Therefore, visit your hairdresser roughly every 3 months. A little trim of around one centimetre will be more than enough! This frequency is only recommended for mid-length to long hair which tends to be more fragile.

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