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2014 hair trend: 60s volume
2014 hair trend: 60s volume
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2014 hair trend: 60s volume

60s hair trends are still going strong, even in 2014! Whether you chose the rockabilly quiff, or super-sized volume, there’s a look out there to inspire both men and women to create a vintage hairstyle.
The trend. Got any idea what the best hairstyle to wear with a mini dress in the 60s was? Backcombed hair of course! A key part of the era’s trend, big hair wash the perfect way to complete a flamboyant look, and even added a few extra inches of height. At the time, it was the blow dry that became seriously popular with volume-seekers. For 2014, regardless of which hairstyle you choose, it’s volume that counts.
Who can wear it? Anyone who is a die-hard fan of all things 60s, women will flat hair and anybody seeking more height. We’re pretty sure you will identify with at least one of these groups! The only thing you’ll need is the perfect backcombing technique!
Creating 60s statement volume. Start by creating an ultra-straight parting. 60s hairstyles tended to use centre partings in order to have symmetrical volume on each side. Whether you choose a half-up half-down style or wear it loose, always backcomb before styling your hair. To do this, slide a comb down the hair shaft, then hold your section high and brush down gently towards the roots. Make sure your style stays in place by spraying thoroughly with hairspray. The result is an uber-chic look that screams sixties siren!
© Pixelformula /Blugirl prêt-à-porter runway, Printemps-Eté 2014 © Jean Louis David
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