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A closer look at this autumn's essential styles.
A closer look at this autumn's essential styles.
A closer look at this autumn's essential styles.

[Twitthair] Autumn essentials


After the holidays, it's time to give a new lease of life to our hairstyles. Here are some essential tweets to get us in the mood for autumn. Coming up... Humour, retro styles and plenty of colour!

1. Mini buns are making a big comeback this autumn

Besides recipe ideas and interior design inspiration, Diana Mieczan shares current fashion, make-up and hairstyle trends. We fell in love with these mini buns, directly inspired by Carrie Fisher in "Star Wars", which when not being eaten, look extremely attractive. Both on trend and retro, these mini buns give a quirky look to your hairstyle. They can be created in the space of 5 minutes and suit different lengths of hair, from a short bob to XXL locks. If you are tempted by this hairstyle, wear it for an evening to stand out from the crowd and to add flights of fancy to your look.

2. Denim-coloured hair

It seemed short-lived, and yet the denim hair trend is still very much still on the scene this autumn. Denim hair is being sported by fashionistas. Will you give in to the temptation of the denim hair trend, acclaimed by Best Hairstyles? This is an account which shares its favourite looks with 1.71 million followers.

3. Wild hairlarious humour

Fans of quips, absurd humour and incisive critiques will love Loïc Prigent's account, as a key player in the fashion world. Known for his off the wall posts, this journalist goes to endless fashion shows and shares quotes from what he overhears in the front row. Funny and astute.

4. Get a new look quick!

Run out of hairstyle ideas? Take a peek at the Look du jour account. This appropriately-named account offers a great deal of inspirational photos, from haircuts to accessories and complete outfits. One example: this half-ponytail combined with a mini bun. A simple, easy-to-create hairstyle for maximum effect. This account is the one to check as soon as you run out of ideas!

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