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Hair colouring, glitter, hair tattoos... Let yourself go for the carnival!
Hair colouring, glitter, hair tattoos... Let yourself go for the carnival!
Hair colouring, glitter, hair tattoos... Let yourself go for the carnival!
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[Instahair] Hairstyles: Let yourself go for the carnival


Bright locks, feathers, rhinestones, hair tattoos... Dare to go for a quirky carnival style. Here are six looks we spotted on Instagram, so that you can either go for a temporary style or give your desire for a radical change free rein!

A pastel explosion with a touch of sparkle

Express your girly unicorn-loving side with this rhinestone and pastel-coloured locks combo. With pink, violet and purple strands, this look requires an expert's touch to get the best possible results. Is this daring style too much for you though? To get this look without committing to it long-term, use colour hairsprays so the colour washes out when you next wash your hair. The finish will of course be a lot less impactful (in particular when applied to brunette hair) but it is at least temporary. One last piece of advice, only apply the rhinestones to the roots. You will thank us when it comes to taking them out!

Hippy chic

Opt for a hippy chic style with sleek braids on one side and a few feathers fixed into a mini bun. For carnival, daring colours are a must, even if it means adding in a few fake blue, green or yellow strands to create optimum effects.

Girl punk

Are you daring? Opt for this sparkly hair tattoo. As the technique is complicated (a shaved undercut) and takes a long time (applying the sequins), enlist an expert for this look... And be patient. If you do not want this look at work, simply wear your hair down to keep your very own secret punk style hidden.

A messy-styled flash of colour

Six different colours, braids, twists and a bouffant effect, here is a hairstyle which will make you stand out from the crowd. Once again, an expert's touch is essential for applying the right amount of colour. If you not sure about sporting this look on a daily basis, go for a simpler style: twisted or braided scarves will create the same effect.

XXL braiding

Wow! There is no need to colour your locks or add any glitter to your hair when your braids (or even fake braid extensions) can make you immediately stand out from the crowd. All you need to do now is make sure you are centre stage on one of the floats. A look like this deserves to be shown off!

The whole shebang!

Gentlemen, go for this "blue ara macaw" look by combining several techniques: undercut shaved designs, colouring and braiding. After going to all that effort, feel free to do a city tour to showcase your new locks. Nice, Dunkirk, Rio, Goa... They are all waiting for you!

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