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No you're not dreaming, this is natural hair!
No you're not dreaming, this is natural hair!

[Instahair] 5 incredible hairstyles

Hair in all its different forms can have some real surprises in store for us. The proof: these 5 astonishing hairstyles!

XXL volume

It is difficult to believe these twins have natural hair and yet they do! Since they decided to stop straightening their locks and let their natural afro hair spread, they gained this XXL volume. A real ode to frizzy locks.

Rapunzel's locks in the flesh

Contrary to what you may think, the endless braid on this young lady is not created with extensions! She has let it grow for 14 years so the tips touch her feet. A challenge she achieved with ease by taking care of her XXL locks with plant oils.

3D Pixie crop

Here's a pixie hairstyle which is enough to make your head spin with its different levels of cuts! Shaved, ultra-short, short or even long, all of the sections of this hairstyle are different to give a new haircut from every angle. What with the unstructured nature of the hairstyle, its graphic shaved patterns and its platinum blonde colour, this extravagant look has everything it takes to surprise you!

A sculptural chignon

With its perfectly sculpted and styled waves and XXL backcombing for creating messy strands, this high hairstyle looks like a carefully sculpted work of art.

The wild cut

A hairstyle or animal, it is hard to know what you are looking at with this cunning haircut which uses a few long locks left on a shaved head in a surprising way to create the illusion of an iguana on your head. Wild!


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