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Original styling ideas for the Rock en Seine festival
Original styling ideas for the Rock en Seine festival

[Instahair] 5 hairstyles to try for Rock en Seine

Do you plan on going to the biggest rock festival of the year from the 25th to the 27th of August in Domaine de Saint-Cloud? If so, get a special hairstyle for the occasion! From braids and rebellious locks to rock chick chignons: here are our styling ideas for Rock en Seine.

The 2-in-1 combo

Are you unsure whether to go for an on trend up-do or rebellious loose locks? If so, opt for both with this new half-up half-down hairstyle, combining wavy locks and a braid.

To create this rock'n'folk look, divide your hair into two by marking out a side parting and then curl your hair with curling tongs on one side, creating soft pretty waves, adding movement to the hairstyle. Then braid the rest of your locks to form a sleek plait starting at the roots and tumbling down your back. There you have it: a fun double-sided hairstyle, perfect for changing up your look for a concert!

The maxi rock quiff

#rockhair #haircolor #hairstyling #hairstyle #hair #hairstyles #wosy #fryzury #fryzura

Une publication partage par Sylwia Dorenda Kondratowicz (@__sylvviia__) le

To be the ultimate groupie, dare to try the XXL version of the rock quiff to give maximum volume to your hairstyles.

To create this look, mark out a rectangle on top of your head at the roots and separate out a large section from the rest of your hair. Using a comb, backcomb this section and apply a good amount of hairspray before sweeping your locks towards the back (without flattening down the volume you have created) to form a rocker quiff. Finally, use a few bobby pins to hold your hairstyle in place. Then see if you want to combine it with a mid-height ponytail as you can see here, a chignon or loose locks.

Rock chick braids

REBEL MUSE @millyandwolfvintage

Une publication partage par WILDEST LOVERS (@wildestlovers) le

To look rock'n'roll from the roots down to the tips, opt for this loose braid duo, perfect for long locks.

To create this style, start by choosing a section of hair from the centre where your middle part is and sweep it towards the back, adding volume. Hold the movement in place with a small hairpin. Then separate your hair into two to create two simple braids which will tumble down your shoulders. All that's left to do is loosen the braids and pull out a few strands from the updo on the hairline to create a de-styled rock chick look.

Rebellious space buns

Space buns are more on trend than ever, so why not make the most of this style to give it a rock star look?

To create this practical festival hairstyle, divide your hair into two equal parts. Begin by creating boxer braids by braiding as close to your middle parting as possible and continuing plaiting down to the nape of the neck. The hairstyle's look all depends on the braiding. Stop plaiting at the nape of the neck and coil the rest of your locks around themselves to form space buns. Leave a few tips poking out as a finishing touch, and you will get that rebellious space buns look you want in no time at all!

Reinvent side-swept hair pin-up rock chick style with a simple multi-coloured scarf!

To get this look which is both ultra cool and easy to create, leave your hair natural and mark out a side parting to add movement to the hairstyle. Then sweep your hair to the opposite side and fold up your scarf to form a headband. Finally pass the scarf underneath your hair and tie up the two ends into a knot, leaving a loose section of hair on one side to frame the face. There you have it: a pin-up rock chick look!


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