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Red hair colour

SectionRed hair colour

Redheads have been the muse of several designers over the last few seasons, with this fiery shade becoming a top request in salons. Mahogany and copper hues should be worn bold! Copper and bright orange are guaranteed to get you noticed thanks to their light-reflecting nature. Your ideal shade of red all depends on your base colour. In fact, results will vary depending on whether you have light or dark locks. Ask your stylist for advice to find your perfect shade of red.

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How do you choose a shade of red to suit your base colour?
Red hair colour
How do you choose a shade of red to suit your base colour?

That's right - despite preconceived ideas to the contrary, red hair suits everyone. From strawberry blonde to auburn, its thousand and one shades mean that it can enhance all hair colours. Read on to find out which one will suit you perfectly! A subdued or vibrant shade of red to enhance a blonde base Fortunately for you, your fair hair colour...

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