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Brown hair colour

SectionBrown hair colour

Going brunette is possible whatever your base shade. This suits-all colour works for everyone, providing you select the correct shade to suit your complexion. Warm and cool tones can add dimension when created with multi-tonal highlights. Short and long lengths loo gorgeous in a rich brunette shade.

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Brunette hair colouring: which shade of brown to choose if you have pale skin?
Brown hair colour
Brunette hair colouring: which shade of brown to choose...

If you have pale skin, you can still opt for a shade of brunette. However, certain precautions are needed to avoid an overly pasty complexion. We take a closer look at all of the brunette shades which will enhance your fair skin tone. Chocolate brown to enhance pale skin With its golden highlights, enhanced by a hint of mahogany, chocolate brown...

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