Brunettes: 2019's on-trend shades

The new year brings with it new hair trends. Today, we take a closer look at the hair colour shades which will enhance brunettes in 2019.

This year, brunettes are not being left out when it comes to colour treatments. Proof being, they have a whole palette of shades to choose from to enhance their flaming locks.

Intense brown

In 2019, ebony brown is making a huge comeback. This intense and alluring colour creates a femme fatale look and wonderfully enhances brunettes with light-coloured eyes. However, before going over to the dark side, consider the fact that this colour treatment has a tendency to dull your complexion. So, if you are not the kind of woman who likes to put on make-up daily, you should give this colour a miss.

Chocolate brown

Enhanced with golden highlights and a touch of mahogany, chocolate brown is a deliciously delightful shade. Soft and luminous, it adds shine to brown locks.

The plus point? You have no reason not to resist this shade, as its natural highlights suits all brunettes.

Glossy brunette

Say goodbye to block colours in 2019. This year brown hair is being enhanced with all kinds of highlights: dark purple, copper, mahogany… A whole array of shades which can be applied to the tips or sections to frame the face which will add depth to your hair colour, whilst brightening your complexion.

“Cold Brew Hair” style highlights

A new colour trend has emerged on social networks, “Cold Brew Hair”, which takes its name from a drink served in major American café chains. Mirroring the colour created when iced coffee and milk combine, this hair colour consists of applying golden highlights to the mid-lengths down to the tips with a balayage. This is a clever combination of warm and cold tones, are perfect for subtly illuminating dark locks.

The essentials of the season