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Go Repair

  • Say farewell to dry hair!
    Provide the ultimate repair to sensitive and very sensitive hair with the formula GO REPAIR. A treatment that is free from silicon, parabens and sulphates for intense nutrition that regenerates and revitalises the hair fibres deep down.
    An exclusive formula enriched with extract of caviar
    Jean Louis David invents a new ritual enriched with the most astonishing ingredient: extract of caviar. Naturally rich in antioxidants and rich in restorative components, extract of caviar brings together all the vital ingredients for youthful hair that radiates health.
    Expert treatment for your hair by Jean Louis David.

  • GO REPAIR Shampoo

    GO REPAIR Shampoo

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  • GO REPAIR mask

    GO REPAIR mask

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  • Ultimate Purity Shampoo

    Ultimate Purity Shampoo

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