Will using a hairdryer in summer damage hair further?

Do you sometimes question whether you should be using your hairdryer on holiday? Worried that the negatives, such as damaging your locks, outweigh the positives when it comes to styling? The pros discuss whether you should ditch your hairdryer come summer, or carry on as normal.
The hairdryer isn’t necessarily damaging your hair more during the summer season. ‘You simply need to know how to use it properly. Women often position the head of the hairdryer too close to their hair in a bid to straighten their locks, which will certainly damage them, whatever the season. You should hold your hairdryer at least 30cm away from your hair so that it stays protected’.
The air coming out of your hairdryer should be well directed. ‘You should always blow in the direction your hair is growing, with the hair shaft. With your hairbrush, tame your hair whilst blow drying so that it dries in the correct position. Don’t want straight hair? Use the diffuser attachment, or simply remove the nozzle for a more natural effect which won’t damage hair’.
Make sure you always apply heat-protective products before using heated appliances. ‘To straighten, opt for Perfect Liss. For those of you wanting a more natural finish, apply the 10-in-1 mask or Perfect curl. The products you apply before blow drying will act as a barrier against the heat, protecting the hair fibres’.
Our advice: Make the most of the summer weather and allow your hair to air-dry. Apply a small amount of mousse which will encourage your hair to dry nicely, meaning you can give your hair a break from your hairdryer.
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